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Explore the benefits of producing clean, renewable solar energy

Over 40 Years Of Experience In The Roofing And Solar Industry

United Solar Group Corporation, a locally and family-owned company established in 2020, is your trusted partner for efficient and affordable solar power solutions. With generations of expertise in both the roofing and solar industries, we offer competitive pricing and an unparalleled service. Contact us today and discover the benefits of commercial solar.

Why Choose United Solar Group Corporation?

At United Solar Group Corporation, we prioritize our community by focusing on your needs, not ours. We offer our nationwide commercial partners guidance through the process, financial benefits, energy independence and environmental responsibility.

Other advantages include:

-Cutting business costs
-Tax benefits
-Renewable energy independence
-Turnkey through a fully vetted estimating, engineering, procurement, and construction process, & network.

Trust our experts for seamless installation and repairs. Join us in embracing solar and enjoy its myriad advantages for your business today!

Cost of Solar

Your business will save money over the years by converting to solar power. Learn about federal tax credits that will save you even more. 

How Solar Works

Solar electricity is also known as Photovoltaics (PV). The main parts of the solar energy system are inverters, panels, net meters, and batteries.

Commercial Solar

There are many benefits to converting to solar power with United Solar Group Corporation. It’s better for the environment and will save you on utility bills.

Federal Tax Credits

We accept the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). It will deduct up to 30% from your federal taxes. Contact us if you have any questions.

Battery Storage

Play it safe by getting battery storage from United Solar Group Corporation. It will protect your household or business from blackouts and power outages.

Installation Process

Our installation process ensures a successful solar energy conversion. Steps include design, permitting, installation, inspection, and interconnecting.

About United Solar Group Corporation

United Roofing and Sheet Metal proudly introduces our new affiliate, United Solar Group Corporation, to better serve you. With 95% of commercial roofs untapped for solar energy, we’re committed to lowering your energy costs and creating a sustainable future. Trust our decades of roofing expertise to ensure your solar system is built on a solid foundation. Contact us today to explore your commercial property’s solar options!