8 Reasons to Utilize Commercial Solar

Solar power is one of the most popular choices in terms of renewable energy and for good reason. According to Earth.org, global solar power is becoming more accessible, resulting in lower solar costs with costs expected to decline by 15% to 35% by 2024. If you’re considering commercial solar for your business, here are eight benefits you can enjoy.

1. Enjoy Energy Savings

Energy bills can be expensive when you’re running a business, and those monthly bills are even worse for businesses with higher energy needs. You don’t have to pay for the power you generate through a solar power system, so you can save money on your monthly energy bill without making any sacrifices that harm your business.

2. Get a Solid Return on Your Investment

As a business owner, it’s important to make sure you’re getting back what you put in. Commercial solar power is a great investment because you get a lot of your money back in a short period of time, so you don’t have to bank on the future to see a return on your investment. The energy savings you see with a solar power system can pay for the system itself over the course of a few years, according to Mirror Review, and you can enjoy less overhead once you’ve made your money back in energy savings.

3. Avoid Changes in Energy Costs

Energy costs change regularly, but you don’t have to worry about that when you’re not paying someone else for your energy. Commercial solar power allows you to generate your own power, so you don’t have to worry about how much the electric companies are charging or how the rates change when you go over a certain monthly allowance. When you make your own power, you get to make the rules.

4. Go Green

Environmental awareness is important for businesses. If you want to take the next step to bring your business into the future, investing in commercial solar power is a good way to go green. Solar power provides a renewable energy source for your business, so your customers can shop with you without worrying about how you’re impacting the environment when you make your products.

5. Take Advantage of Tax Credits

If you’re on the fence about solar power because of the cost, there are tax credits that can ease some of that burden. Not only is there a federal solar tax credit, but there are also several states that offer solar tax credits as an incentive for businesses to make the switch to solar. If you think solar power is too expensive for your business, check out some of the tax credits before you rule it out.

6. Increase Your Business Value

You want your business to be valuable in terms of annual income and the potential sale price. If you ever decide to sell your business, you can count on it being worth more if you have a commercial solar power system installed. Solar power is becoming increasingly popular as the years go by, and people who are investing in businesses like to spend money on companies that are equipped for the future.

7. Get Dependable Power

In the event of a power outage, a generator is your best bet if you rely on electricity as your primary power source. With solar power, you can get power to all your essential electronics without having to fire up a generator because your commercial solar system doesn’t rely on the power grid. If you want dependable backup power via solar, make sure you invest in a system that includes a solar battery pack.

8. Get Help With Financing

Are you worried that you can’t afford solar power installation for your business? You’re not alone, but there are options that make it easier for you to make the transition to solar. In addition to tax credits, you may qualify for financing that can help you pay for commercial solar installation. If you’re not sure if solar power is right for your business or whether you can afford installation costs, contact a local installer to learn more.

As a business owner, you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your business. Switching to solar power can help you reduce your monthly overhead, go green, and increase the value of your business. Contact United Solar Group Corporation today if you want to learn more about
commercial solar and how it can help your business.